February 10, 2008

School Photos...

I had the priveledge of shooting some promotional photos for a set of charter schools around the valley... it was a great day, and I got some really fun shots. It's so great to step outside my daily life and get to see these great kids interacting and learning, and overall just being kids! It was an honor to do it, and I look forward to working with them again! Here are some of my favorite images, from the 600+ that I ended up with :) All in a day's work!!

This shot was taken during quiet time with the kindergarten class... her eyes can tell a story, don't you agree?

This teacher had a way with the kids - she was very captivating.


An empty classroom, but it was so full of life.

At play at recess - it was still wet from a big rain storm earlier in the week.

What a sweet little girl!

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