August 15, 2008

A storm is rolling in...

So, I am sitting here in my office working late (as usual... after kiddos go to bed... :), and Brandon comes in and tells me I "HAVE" to go outside to take a picture of the moon! Man... was he right, here is the picture for you! The moon was glowing beautifully between some storm clouds, and you get the light from lightning coming in from the side. Thought it was a beautiful reminder of nature. Better get to bed... we are looking forward to Courtney and Matthew's wedding in Tucson tomorrow!

Enjoy the image!

August 12, 2008

Kelsey and Garth's wedding!


My wonderful, beautiful cousin just got married to an amazing guy named Garth! We had the privilege of being not only guests at the wedding, but hired as the photographers as well! It was so much fun... we got to hang out with the family and do what we love all at the same time! It was such a fun day... and everyone was so cool, the bridal party was awesome to work with - we got some amazing shots! Being in LA was wonderful... the weather was actually NICE outside at night where we got to enjoy the beautiful Descano Gardens where they had the party!

Dylan even got his first plane ride at 7 weeks old to go along with us! We all had a great time... and here are some of my favorite images form the night! Enjoy!

How cute are they together?

Kelsey getting ready in the morning.

The whole crew!

The boys... a little inspiration from the Beattles on this one! :)

Kelsey and Garth relaxing a bit in between the days events.

My cousins... Sean, Amy, Kelsey and Eric.

And, my favorite! My little apprentice, Aiden (our son who's almost 2)... already to take over the family business!!

Now this is an engagement shoot for ya!

Now this is an engagement shoot for ya!

The ever so talented, Kim McDowell (The Event Essentials), contacted me a few weeks ago to ask a favor... her best friend (Alicia) is about to be proposed to by her boyfriend, and she was helping plan an AWESOME surprise for her! The scene... Villa Siena... Nick works at Villa Siena, and he told her that he needed to pick up his paycheck... meanwhile Kim and Alicia and Nick's close friends and family were hiding out watching the following...

Alicia walking out, I think she started to get what was going on here :)

Miss Kim McDowell herself....

They all then had an amazing dinner and celebrated their love! Congratulations Alicia and Nick!! And thanks again Kim... that was FUN!

Now THAT's the way to shoot engagement portraits!! LOL... how cool it was to witness that moment, it was great!

Can't wait for the wedding!!

Rita & Ryan...

Rita and Ryan were married in Hawaii on the beach... (I'm a bit jealous :), we had the honor of documenting their wedding reception here in the valley once they got back! Everything was great at the reception, Rita looked amazing in her dress... just like she stepped right out of a magazine! Here are some of our favorites from the night!!


Engagement session!

We took advantage of Sarah and Anthony being in town... their wedding is in October, and they both now live in NYC, and it's very rare that they get back here - so they were both in town... and we got to (finally) shoot their engagement session! It was such a fun shoot - these guys are so in love.... they make an AWESOME couple! We headed out at dusk and sunset time for a good time and some great shots! Here are some from the shoot... enjoy!!

Little baby Tristan!

Congratulations to Jenni and John on their amazing new little boy! I got to go out and meet sweet little Tristan, and shoot the 2nd session in my new "Baby Love Sessions", the newborn!! He is so adorable - and already such a little personality! I think that taking portraits of children is one of the best things ever! I feel honored to get to do it!

Here are a few of my favorite images, and congratulations again Jenni and John! He's beautiful!

Reshma & Vinay's wedding

We had the honor of documenting Reshma and Vinay's wedding over the July 4th weekend! It started out with Brandon covering the rehearsal dinner at the Val Vista Lakes clubhouse that Thursday night, and then on Saturday... the wedding!

And WOW... what a wedding! Reshma looked amazing in her wedding dress, the detail of it was stunning! The event took place at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort, and man do they know how to throw a party! The reception was unreal, the cake was taller than me! The venue was beautifully decorated, a photographer's dream! They had wonderful guests... it truly was a night to remember! Here are some of our favorite shots from the day.... enjoy!

The happy couple!

The bridal party....

The ceremony site.

Beautiful details...

The Barat, Vinay's family celebrating & Reshma's family welcoming him to the family...

Reshma and her Dad walking down the aisle.

Right before Reshma & Vinay saw each other in the ceremony.

The cake... looks yummy doesn't it!!

Some amazing dances to kick off the evening...

More dancing...

Toasting the bride and groom.

Their first dance as husband and wife.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this shot...

Congratulations again Reshma & Vinay!!

An explanation!

OK - so I have been a little busy around here with a new baby and all... and I neglected my blogging! So... I am making a vow today to be better about it and blog a few times a week, and there here I will be adding quite a few posts today, from stuff that we have been up to for the last month or so!

Soooooooo...... enjoy and I look forward to blogging and sharing with you all again!

- Shelly

August 5, 2008

THE BOYS at the beach!

So we had the opportunity to go to LA for my cousin's wedding this weekend, where they hired us to document their day! We arrived a day early, so we could take the boys to the beach! Aiden LOVED it, he is such a daredevil - he wanted to run in all by himself (which of course we would not let him do :). Dylan enjoyed the ocean air and the cool weather! Here are some fun pictures from the day!! Enjoy! -s