April 24, 2009

LOVE this family!!!

I had such a blast with these guys Wednesday! (Even though it was quite toasty outside - everyone was awesome - even the baby JJ!) These guys are so much fun... they came in last night to view their images on the "big screen" and these are some of our favorite shots from the shoot!! Enjoy! And thanks again Jeff and Chris!!!

Kate Ryan Occasions

Meet Katie and Tawni from Kate Ryan Occasions (see Megan and Mark's wedding to see some of their work)... two SUPER FUN wedding planners that I had the opportunity of shooting some images for their website! Check out a few of my favorites shots from the session! Thanks again girls - you guys are TOO much fun!

April 18, 2009

Such a fun family shoot!

This is the Martin Family... Darcy and I went to high school together and got re-acquainted recently - which I am SO excited about!! I went out to shoot some fun family pictures with them... here are a few of my favorites!!!

If you need a current family pic - give us a call! Let's go out and shoot some FUN FUN images!

Deena and Brett get ready to welcome sweet baby SADIE!!!

I love these guys! We shot their wedding about 2 years ago... and now I got the chance to come out and shoot some belly pictures of Deena before Sadie makes her debut in no more than 2 weeks!!!!

I can't wait to meet their sweet little baby girl! And check out the amazing nursery...

Baby Love with Alex and Thea!!!

I got to go shoot with Alex and Thea the other day to do some quick belly pictures before she has he baby this month! It was a blast... their dog Brooks came along too! I love how their images turned out... check out a couple of my favorites!!

AND... turns out baby makes her debut only 3 days after the shoot! Can't wait to shoot her newborn pics in a week or two!!

Some SENIOR shoots!

Over the course of the last month I have had the opportunity to shoot some AWESOME senior sessions!!!! Here a few of my favorites...

SENIORS! It's not to late to do your senior portraits - give us a call to set something up!

Holly... This girl ROCKS... She went out IN THE RAIN with me last weekend and we both got soaking wet and muddy - but MAN did the pics come out KILLER!!!! Thanks again Holly - you rule!!

Courtney! I had SOOOOOOOO much fun with Courtney and her Mom!! Despite the fact that we almost got parking tickets (by almost I mean they were WARNINGS and not actual tickets... thank goodness!! haha) - it was an awesome day, and I had a blast working with her!! \

Felicia, Kristan and Mike! These guys were a BLAST to shoot with! We went to some awesome locations and had a blast... here are some of my faves!!