April 18, 2009

Some SENIOR shoots!

Over the course of the last month I have had the opportunity to shoot some AWESOME senior sessions!!!! Here a few of my favorites...

SENIORS! It's not to late to do your senior portraits - give us a call to set something up!

Holly... This girl ROCKS... She went out IN THE RAIN with me last weekend and we both got soaking wet and muddy - but MAN did the pics come out KILLER!!!! Thanks again Holly - you rule!!

Courtney! I had SOOOOOOOO much fun with Courtney and her Mom!! Despite the fact that we almost got parking tickets (by almost I mean they were WARNINGS and not actual tickets... thank goodness!! haha) - it was an awesome day, and I had a blast working with her!! \

Felicia, Kristan and Mike! These guys were a BLAST to shoot with! We went to some awesome locations and had a blast... here are some of my faves!!

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