January 23, 2008

Congratulations Rachel and Paul!

We had the honor of shooting Rachel and Paul's wedding Monday! It was an amazing day!! It was at Ashley Manor, which we always love to shoot at! (We have a little sentimental attachment there as well, we were married there in 1999 :).

Their bridal party was a BLAST, we had a great time. Thank you guys again, we find it a huge honor to be a part of your day! Enjoy Hawaii!

Here's their slide show for all of your viewing pleasure:

The New Floors in the OFFICE!!

Coming to you from my lap top on my kitchen couter today... while I wait for our floor installer to come by and lay the sealer for the new wood floors in my office!! The last few days have been INSANE with clearing out the office and 3 other rooms in our house for new floors! Needless to say... Brandon has been doing a LOT of heavy lifting (thank goodness for our neighbor who came by to help move the big stuff!! :), and the floors are now without carpet... and it's kinda cold in here! LOL. Anyway - I am SO excited for the new floors, they are going to look amazing! Anyone looking for an awesome floor guy - call Adam at Old World Floors (www.oldworldfloors.net), he's great!

Thank you to everyone for your patience on me responding to emails, calls and all other forms of communication the last few days while we prepared our house and played with our son... all at the same time!

KEEP POSTED.... images will be coming of the new office within the next couple of days!!

Have a wonderful day everybody!



January 18, 2008

Gotta love the basketball!

Brandon, Aiden, Sully (the dog) and I went down to the park last night to play some basketball! We had a fun time, and took some cool pictures! Aiden even managed to get a few lay-ups... with Daddy's help!

And then to top it all off - SUNS beat the LAKERS last night! Great game!

Here are some pics!

Aiden officially making his first lay-up... look out Steve Nash!

Our dog, Sully - keeping a watchful eye on things.

Aiden, being a ham!

Reaching for Daddy's hand.

It's getting dark... and COLD!... better go home!

After bath, Aiden had gold fish crackers for dinner... and...

REMEMBER ALPHABET SOUP??? I opened the can of vegetable soup for his dinner, and to my surprise, it had letters! We had fun playing with it!

Hope you had fun viewing the images from our fun evening! Have a wonderful day everyone!

January 17, 2008

Some FUN engagement images!

A couple of weeks ago, we went out to shoot an engagement shoot with Jill and Eric! We ventured to downtown Tempe, on a COLD windy day! Gotta hand it to these guys - they were a BLAST! They are one of those couples you can tell were meant to be together in the first 2 minutes of meeting them. It was a great shoot - and we are SO excited for the wedding coming up.... and thanks again for the ice cream guys! What a fun way to end the shoot!!

Enjoy the images!

January 16, 2008

Katie and Kyle's wedding

I just got done meeting with Katie and Kyle about their album design! I am excited to get it started - their wedding day was beautiful, and I thought I would share a few images from it!! Thanks again guys, we had a great time documenting your day - and I hope you enjoying your images!!

Congrats again Katie and Kyle!!

I'm back!

Wow- 2 months since a blog entry!! What do the holidays do to you?!?! :)

I have been thinking this new year that I am going to get better at a few things, blogging being one of them! I have been inspired by some fellow photographers and their blogs and dedication to blogging! I hope this will allow everyone to get an insight into our lives, our passion for the art of photography and what we have been up to work wise and everything else!

So - here goes! Enjoy!!