January 23, 2008

The New Floors in the OFFICE!!

Coming to you from my lap top on my kitchen couter today... while I wait for our floor installer to come by and lay the sealer for the new wood floors in my office!! The last few days have been INSANE with clearing out the office and 3 other rooms in our house for new floors! Needless to say... Brandon has been doing a LOT of heavy lifting (thank goodness for our neighbor who came by to help move the big stuff!! :), and the floors are now without carpet... and it's kinda cold in here! LOL. Anyway - I am SO excited for the new floors, they are going to look amazing! Anyone looking for an awesome floor guy - call Adam at Old World Floors (www.oldworldfloors.net), he's great!

Thank you to everyone for your patience on me responding to emails, calls and all other forms of communication the last few days while we prepared our house and played with our son... all at the same time!

KEEP POSTED.... images will be coming of the new office within the next couple of days!!

Have a wonderful day everybody!



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