January 18, 2008

Gotta love the basketball!

Brandon, Aiden, Sully (the dog) and I went down to the park last night to play some basketball! We had a fun time, and took some cool pictures! Aiden even managed to get a few lay-ups... with Daddy's help!

And then to top it all off - SUNS beat the LAKERS last night! Great game!

Here are some pics!

Aiden officially making his first lay-up... look out Steve Nash!

Our dog, Sully - keeping a watchful eye on things.

Aiden, being a ham!

Reaching for Daddy's hand.

It's getting dark... and COLD!... better go home!

After bath, Aiden had gold fish crackers for dinner... and...

REMEMBER ALPHABET SOUP??? I opened the can of vegetable soup for his dinner, and to my surprise, it had letters! We had fun playing with it!

Hope you had fun viewing the images from our fun evening! Have a wonderful day everyone!


Mrs. Designher said...

SHELLY :) Your baby is soooooooooo cute!! More pictures please!!

Victoria said...

OH MY GOSH Shelly, these are AWESOME pics!! Gosh, one day I will be able to take a picture of a bowl of soup and make it look like a million dollars!!! :o) You are getting even better in your photography!!! (Is that possible??? haha)

Looks like Ayden is getting so big!! He looks more like Daddy now that he is bigger. Sienna is so lazy, she is 13 months and still not walking! Jacob walked at 11 months. This little girl is lazy but she has attitude...big time!!! haha...glad to hear everyone is good. Saw your updated website...looks awesome!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!