February 27, 2008

A cool engagement shoot!

Last Sunday, we had the opportunity to go out and shoot some engagement portraits for an old friend of mine from high school (man, that seems like a long time ago). So - here is the slide show from their shoot! We went to Old Main at ASU (GO DEVILS)... to get the look that seems so perfect for these guys!!

It was so great to see Bart, and Erinn is gorgeous - they made the shoot a BLAST. Thanks guys... and congratulations on the wedding - we are bummed we won't be able to shoot that for you as well! (They are getting married in San Diego, pretty much on our baby's due date... so that didn't work out to say the least :). We can't wait to see the wedding pictures! Congratulations!

Here's the slide show!!

February 10, 2008

Boat Show!!

Any fellow boaters out there? We went to the boat show at the Phoenix Civic Plaza yesterday... enjoying a rare Saturday off with the family! We had SO much fun! Aiden is just so fascinated with boats, I think that is his favorite word - and it is so cute when he says it! I think he thought he was in a dream all day.... plus he had is Gigi and Poppy along (grandparents) so he was even more excited. Enjoy some of these shots from the day! It was a blast!

A cool shot of Aiden.

Hmmmm.... what's in here?

One of the few times I am on the other side of the camera!

This was a NICE boat...

Along with it came a NICE price tag! Maybe next year?!? lol.

Brandon and I goofing around outside the boat show.

Thought this was too funny.

Some construction downtown.

On the way out. Brandon being my model!

In the car ride on the way home... Gigi and Daddy were making him laugh.

Hope you enjoyed our day with us... and we hope you all had a great weekend! Now... off to an engagement shoot at the Biltmore! Looking forward to it - I will post an image or two tomorrow!


School Photos...

I had the priveledge of shooting some promotional photos for a set of charter schools around the valley... it was a great day, and I got some really fun shots. It's so great to step outside my daily life and get to see these great kids interacting and learning, and overall just being kids! It was an honor to do it, and I look forward to working with them again! Here are some of my favorite images, from the 600+ that I ended up with :) All in a day's work!!

This shot was taken during quiet time with the kindergarten class... her eyes can tell a story, don't you agree?

This teacher had a way with the kids - she was very captivating.


An empty classroom, but it was so full of life.

At play at recess - it was still wet from a big rain storm earlier in the week.

What a sweet little girl!

February 8, 2008

Our new spread for Arizona Weddings!

The new piece that will be featured in Arizona Weddings Magazine (www.arizonaweddings.com)...

I'm very excited about how the layout worked out, and the simplicity! Let us know your thoughts!!

It's a BOY!

For those who are keeping track... it's a BOY! We are so excited, and Aiden is VERY excited to be a big brother! Here is a picture of the ultrasound... :)