February 27, 2008

A cool engagement shoot!

Last Sunday, we had the opportunity to go out and shoot some engagement portraits for an old friend of mine from high school (man, that seems like a long time ago). So - here is the slide show from their shoot! We went to Old Main at ASU (GO DEVILS)... to get the look that seems so perfect for these guys!!

It was so great to see Bart, and Erinn is gorgeous - they made the shoot a BLAST. Thanks guys... and congratulations on the wedding - we are bummed we won't be able to shoot that for you as well! (They are getting married in San Diego, pretty much on our baby's due date... so that didn't work out to say the least :). We can't wait to see the wedding pictures! Congratulations!

Here's the slide show!!


Paula.la.la.la said...

What fantastic photography! I'm in love with the darling couple and their big smiles. The "magic" music sets such a nice background. Thanks so very much for capturing the moment for us to remember. - Paula

Paula.la.la.la said...

What fantastic photos. I'm in love with the cute couple and their big smiles. You have such a talent. Love the "magic" music too. Thanks for capturing this moment for us. - Paula

Bart & Erinn said...

Shelly & Bandon did such a great job! The photos turned out even better than our own lofty expectations. We told Shelly the "look" we were going for and she nailed it! We were extremely apprehensive with the thought of having the camera focused on us the entire time and within 30 seconds, Shelly had us feeling completely relaxed and looking natural. Shelly also did some research and suggested “Old Main” on the campus of Arizona State as the site for our shoot. Not only was the location appropriate because we are both ASU Alumni, but because there can’t be a more fitting backdrop to compliment our theme in the entire state of Arizona! We genuinely wish Shelly and Brandon were available to shoot our wedding for us in May. Best of luck with your forthcoming child.

Our Very Sincerest Gratitude,

Bart & Erinn