August 12, 2008

Now this is an engagement shoot for ya!

Now this is an engagement shoot for ya!

The ever so talented, Kim McDowell (The Event Essentials), contacted me a few weeks ago to ask a favor... her best friend (Alicia) is about to be proposed to by her boyfriend, and she was helping plan an AWESOME surprise for her! The scene... Villa Siena... Nick works at Villa Siena, and he told her that he needed to pick up his paycheck... meanwhile Kim and Alicia and Nick's close friends and family were hiding out watching the following...

Alicia walking out, I think she started to get what was going on here :)

Miss Kim McDowell herself....

They all then had an amazing dinner and celebrated their love! Congratulations Alicia and Nick!! And thanks again Kim... that was FUN!

Now THAT's the way to shoot engagement portraits!! LOL... how cool it was to witness that moment, it was great!

Can't wait for the wedding!!

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Victoria said...

AWWWWWW sooooo sweet!! This gave me goosebumps!