August 12, 2008

Kelsey and Garth's wedding!


My wonderful, beautiful cousin just got married to an amazing guy named Garth! We had the privilege of being not only guests at the wedding, but hired as the photographers as well! It was so much fun... we got to hang out with the family and do what we love all at the same time! It was such a fun day... and everyone was so cool, the bridal party was awesome to work with - we got some amazing shots! Being in LA was wonderful... the weather was actually NICE outside at night where we got to enjoy the beautiful Descano Gardens where they had the party!

Dylan even got his first plane ride at 7 weeks old to go along with us! We all had a great time... and here are some of my favorite images form the night! Enjoy!

How cute are they together?

Kelsey getting ready in the morning.

The whole crew!

The boys... a little inspiration from the Beattles on this one! :)

Kelsey and Garth relaxing a bit in between the days events.

My cousins... Sean, Amy, Kelsey and Eric.

And, my favorite! My little apprentice, Aiden (our son who's almost 2)... already to take over the family business!!

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