September 21, 2008

One for the books!

OK, I have to admit... this was one of those days you dream about as a photographer! A beautiful bride, a handsome groom, an overcast day, an awesome location... the recipe for some amazing pictures! We were fortunate enough to get to go to the Wine Country in California this weekend to document Kristie and Sandeep's wedding in the vineyard! And ooooooh, what a day! We are so excited to be offering destination weddings... Enjoy, here are some of my favorites from the day! Or, you can click on the title above to see the complete slide show of our faves... ENJOY! And CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN KRISTIE & SANDEEP!! It was truly an amazing day, and we can't thank you enough for making us a part of it!

Also, kuddos to Grace Dougan for her amazing wedding planning skills! She was fantastic to work with!

Getting ready at the Hotel Healdsburg. This was SUCH a cool hotel!!

Doesn't Kristie look amazing?

Sandeep hanging out waiting for Kristie to be ready.

Just after he saw her for the first time... how cool is this hallway??

Downtown Healdsburg, we had all of 5 minutes to shoot here - could have spent all day! This one is one of my all time favorite images!

In the vineyards of Trentadue Winery!

And this one has to be one of my favorite shots!!

Here's the reception... it got moved inside because of the treat of rain, but I think it turned out FANTASTIC!!

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Victoria said...

These are soooo neat! I think my fav is the one where you are focused on the grape pod and the bride and groom out of focus...that pic is neat! :o)