October 21, 2008


OK, so I just got an amazing call... and wanted to say THANK YOU to all of our AMAZINGLY AWESOME clients. Apparently, quite a few of you have voted for us on "THE KNOT" for #1 Arizona Wedding Photographer!!!! So... we are going to be featured in the magazine and on the web. (2009 Magazine)

We just wanted to say thank you to everyone who nominated us! We had no idea, so this was an AMAZING surprise, and we are so honored to be a part of it! We were pretty stoked, and wanted to share our enthusiasm with you guys... and say....


We are so blessed with amazing clients, turned friends! YOU ALL ROCK!!

We'll keep you posted as things progress and we hear more details on everything!

- S & B

(Oh - also - my apologies on not blogging for A MONTH (just noticed it's been that long)... I will add a bunch of stuff tonight, we have had an amazing month - and can't wait to share some of the images!!)

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Victoria said...

OMG Shelly and Brandon, that is soooo awesome!!! CONGRATS!! You 2 soooo deserve to have this kind of recognition!! You are awesome and one day I hope to be just like YOU!! :o)