May 26, 2008

Katie and Justus' wedding!!

We had the priveledge of shooting Katie and Justus' wedding last weekend!! Katie is an old family friend of mine, so it was awesome getting to share in their day! She and Justus make the cutest couple - they are one of those couples you can see from a mile away are completely made for each other! They were married in Mesa, and the reception was at the Air Museum at Falcon Field!! It is a fairly new wedding venue - and I was blown away with how cool it was, and how much fun we had there getting creative and having some fun with the new Mr. and Mrs.!! Here are some of our favorite shots from the day!! Enjoy!! - S

How beautiful does Katie look - her dress was amazing!

One of my favorite shots from the day...

An overall shot of the Air Museum... how AWESOME is that!!! What a great place to have a wedding reception!

Out by the planes... we had some fun shooting these with Katie and Justus!!

The moon was so bright right before sunset - I thought it looked amazing in this shot!

They ended their night with a dance to a big band playing in the hangar... it was amazing. And how about this dip???

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