June 6, 2009

Anthony: Professional Headshot kinda shoot!

Anthony is a friend of mine that I made on FACEBOOK in our photo group PHOTO SCAVENGERS (check it out if you haven't already!!)... He asked me to shoot some professional portraits for him before he and his wife, Katherine head up to Vegas where he is taking a job at a new (for him...) church as a minister! Anthony is one of the neatest guys I have had the pleasure of meeting! I love how his shots came out... take a look and see for yourself! And thank you Anthony for having some fun with me on this shoot!

Can't wait to see them in December when we visit Las Vegas... he is going to renew our vows for our 10th wedding anniversary (yes... I said 10 years!! eek1!) , and I couldn't be more thrilled!! YAY!!

This one is my FAVE!! Risky - but my total FAVE!

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