January 26, 2009

Cancun wedding! Yup... CANCUN!!!

So we arrived home safely late last night, from Sam & Matt's wedding extravaganza in Cancun, Mexico. It was a picturesque, quiet, amazing boutique resort on the Isla de Mujeres, just off of the coast of Cancun.

Day ONE.. The journey begins. After about 10 hours of traveling... the ferry to the Island was a welcome sight for us!

As we were waiting for the ferry, we managed to take a quick shot of us on the dock...

A gorgeous sunset on the Isle de Mujeres (from the Ferry Dock)

A welcome reception for Sam & Matt at the hotel...

The happy couple! How cute are her shoes!!


These pillows were a gift for Sam and Matt... how CUTE is that!!

Ah... the gorgeous view of the beach... it's going to be a beautiful day!

Sam getting ready...

After all the mishaps with hair and make-up, we had about 2 minutes for Sam and Matt to meet before the wedding... this was the moment that Matt first saw Sam, it was a beautiful moment, and I just love this image! They are such a beautiful couple!

The wedding!

100 of their closest friends and family!

On the Catamaran after the wedding... they had 2 boats for a sunset cruise around the island!

At the reception. They shared their first dance to Michael Buble's "Save the last Dance for Me"... mid-way Matt threw rose pedals all over!!!!

DAY THREE - A little free time!

We got to take advantage of going to swim with the dolphins!!! What an incredible once in a lifetime experience that was! WOW! We couldn't take cameras while we were actually swimming... but, we had an INCREDIBLE time, and anyone who ever has this opportunity... TAKE IT! It's incredible!!

Here's a funny shot of Brandon while we were hanging out at the resort... enjoy!

Lookout Baywatch!

Sam and Matt on the beach at Sunset... all we need is a Corona on the table... ;)

DAY FOUR - Trashin the dress!!

We all got up early to take advantage of some incredible light and secluded beaches! Sam did some research a few months back, and found this incredible little boutiquey bar that was GORGEOUS, so we drove down there on a golf cart and got some incredible pics! It was a great time... enjoy... these are a few of my favorites!

Needless to say after shooting some of these pics... I was a bit sandy! LOL.

Thanks again Sam and Matt for having us out to document your BEAUTIFUL wedding! It was an honor to have been a part of it!!


Victoria said...

WOW!! These are great, Shelly!!! I see you were even able to do a little "trash the dress" session as well! Those are my favs! :o)

MrsArnold said...

Shelly these turned out beautiful:-)!

Audra Little said...

This pictures are awesome!!! I love them! Makes me want to go to Cancun!

Gisele Holloway said...

Awesome shots! How fun to be able to go to Cancun to shoot such a fun wedding! Love it!