June 10, 2008


So - we went out and enjoyed the LAST of the COOL, RAINY days that we had here a few weeks ago... I drug my boys out of the house early in the morning to take advantage of the cool clouds and rain. I decided to share a couple of the images from shoot, so for those of you keeping track of "DYLAN WATCH" (our baby is due here ANY day... still waiting by the way... LOL). You can check out my belly! Enjoy - this is one of the rare times you will see me on the OTHER side of the camera! LOL. Enjoy! -S

A cool sepia shot... I've always loved these silos, and thought that they would make a cool picture!

Me (well my reflection) with my boys... Aiden is almost 2, and Dylan - soon to be!

Here's me with the belly!

LOVE this shot Brandon got! We kept asking Aiden where his brother was... thought he would check to see if I was hiding him!! LOL... cute kiddo!!

And Brandon being the wonderful father that he is!


Keator Photography said...

Shelly!!!! You look amazing!!!!! Really, you make bring pregnant look good!!! I can't wait to see him!

Victoria said...

LOVE these pics Shelly!! I feel bad I wasn't able to capture these pictures the day we had our little family outing! That day was THE perfect day for pics though and they came out GREAT!!!