October 1, 2007

Vanessa & Brad's Wedding!!

Saturday was Vanessa & Brad's wedding... we had an AMAZING time working with these guys!! The whole bridal party was SO much fun... and they let us be creative, which was awesome!! Here are a few of our shots from the big day - and a slideshow at the end! Enjoy :) Comments are gladly welcomed!!

Thanks for checking it out!!

Here's the slideshow!!


Anonymous said...

Amazing pics as always!

Thanks for sharing - oh and where was the wedding?? Beautiful place with all those windows!!

Ivy Studios said...

The wedding was at the Prayer Pavillion at the Phoenix First Assembly of God. Beautiful isn't it!

Glad you enjoyed the images - thank you for the comments!

- Shelly

Anonymous said...

Wow, What a beautiful wedding! The bride is stunning and the little flower girl with the red hair is gorgeous! The pictures are so unique and awesome! Great job!!!